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I do better kerning

Posted in Uncategorized by Will on Thursday, July 8th, 2010 ~ 1pm

Cost to have Amazon’s CreateSpace *NOT* put the title on the front because you’d rather do it yourself by building the title into the artwork: An additional $400. Or so I’ve heard. The client will update me later today.

Grumble grumble. I do better kerning than they do. Grumble grumble.

Seriously, all they’d have to do is NOT TYPE ANYTHING in on the front.

Freaking bastards.

The only way Amazon will redeem itself in my eyes is if they do a wonderful job. We’ll send them reference images that perhaps they could try to match. But there are such subtleties — moving an apostrophe ever-so-slightly to the left, making spaces half-spaces, different font size for the subtitle… All these subtle alterations are likely going to be skipped over.

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