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Standup Detective

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, August 30th, 2010 ~ 4pm

For years I wondered what the name was of a comedian I saw in the early days of cable television, circa 1989 when the Comedy Channel was brand new (and yet already having repeats).

He wore a London Fog trenchcoat and fedora hat like detectives of the (possibly mythological) past wore, and his act was replete with film noir phrases like:

“She had a great pair of gams…getaway-sticks…pins…”

Indeed I don’t recall any jokes, just a series of noir expressions that filled his whole act, to the delight of the audience.

I finally took some time to figure out who he was…

He was Michael David Farrow, known to the public as:

Tommy Sledge, Stand-up Detective

He’s “currently enjoying retirement” at the old age of 65 or so, and while I was pleased to learn about him (click here for info) I was sad to see that he never released any audio recordings of his act.

He did however pen a pair of noir detective books, presumably into which he laid bits of his act — Eat Lead, Clown and then several years later, Kiss It Or Die!. I’ve ordered the first one even though the second one has the better title.

If his voice has held up — and I appreciate that such is not always the case by the time one is in their sixties — he should try to record them as audiobooks, for future denizens of the world who agree than the gams are the best part of a dame.

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