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Man with mandibles

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, January 10th, 2007 ~ 7pm

Me speaking to the internet. Net speaks first.

“There are a number of reasons that your jaw can hurt. The most common reason is an overuse injury cased by clenching or grinding the teeth at night. This is known as nocturnal bruxism. This will make the muscles that control jaw closure sore. The best immediate solution is to try to rest the jaws.”

I woke up with my right jaw really tight and sore. I think I may have opened my mouth while I was asleep, and then maybe turned my head in such a way that the joint there may have been carrying the weight of my head. Or who the fucks knows. I think it’s just like a pulled muscle. I’ve just never had a pulled muscle in my face before. Lucky me, a new experience.

Update: My jaw is fine today.

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