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Milla dream

Posted in Dream by Will on Friday, September 3rd, 2010 ~ 12pm

I dreamed I took part in an anti-drug, pro-insurance PSA with Milla Jovovich. (Like she was doing man-on-the-street bits with random people). “I can get you insurance and drugs. But, let’s hold the drugs” was my comment. And for a moment, in another moment, she was on top of me. And in another moment I told her that actually, even though I didn’t do it myself, if I had a kid I’d let them try pot, especially if they were taking art classes, “just to see what they’d paint.”

And then I ended up in a bad dream in which I was lost and shirtless in some obscure town (the boonies) miles from anywhere. There was a river running between houses, low and icy and rapid, flooding the houses a bit on either side with mud. Like you’d go down an alleyway expecting to find a street or back yards, and instead there was this mud-colored river flooding through. Somehow it did not alarm the neighbors, whose homes I had to walk through to reroute around this. Also I was searching for food. I was chilly, lost, hungry and barefoot.

But I got good sleep.

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