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Things to do in home town

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 ~ 2pm

I’m adding to a list of things to do when I visit my hometown, and my parents home (formerly my home).

Much of it involves scanning things, such as some album covers that I’d like to contribute to cover art websites. Or back cover photos that aren’t on the net, that need to be. A school report I wrote at age 12 or 13 on the “Original Adventure” (aka “Colossal Cave”) adventure game. Maybe a few college photos — I don’t have time to scan (or the mood to reflect on) entire photo albums.

Some things to throw away — old cameras that used film (if there’s no value on ebay — I’ll check first), old lenses that pre-date autofocus (again I’ll check ebay first). Hey, I just checked. The Canon AE-1 Program still has some value — $50 to $100, though mine is pretty beat up. With some lenses, maybe someone would want it. I expect the circuitry is probably fried by now though through entropy or the button-battery going dead for too long. I think there’s a Pentax K1000 there too, really my father’s I seem to recall. And there’s an Olympus pocket film camera, and possibly a Polaroid though I think I threw that away last time I visited. Maybe I should just leave the cameras be.

I think I threw away old clothes last time I was there, but I can check again.

Some action figures to find and mail back to myself (Buffy’s Willow figures!). Some to box up (Xena and Callisto!) to keep dust off them until I have a house for them.

I want to visit the New England Mobile Book Fair, which as I’ve said is neither mobile nor a fair, but rather a great overstock-book place. I swear sometimes the same books are there for 10 years at a time. It would not surprise me if things hadn’t changed there in the remainder section. I’ll look for coffee table books whose weight I cannot deal with (they are a bad thing to collect) and maybe they’ll have some discounted audio books. Unlikely though — audio books are more popular now, not less.

I’ll visit Newbury Comics if there is still one on Needham Street, just to look around their used selection, though chances are I won’t buy anything as I can’t imagine that my home town has similar tastes as my current tastes. But I’ll check for used Drgonette, Goldfrapp, Ladytron, and the entire rest of the alphabet just for anything unexpected, like Tin Machine’s rare live album or other albums that you just don’t see available often.

I wonder if there’s a Goodwill in my home town. I doubt it – my home town was rather rich (I wasn’t). I doubt a Goodwill could afford the real estate taxes there. But I’ll check.

A vegetarian bagel sandwhich at the local bagel place. And I’ll need to pick up some supplies at WholeFoods of course since my parents don’t eat what I eat. And KissMyFace shaving cream, and some hair goop.

I will not be visiting Boston. I don’t like it, and I don’t like the T (subway) at all. Find them disturbing, actually. My father will as usual disregard my discomfort and suggest I do both.

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