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Musical Synchronicity

Posted in Music by Will on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 ~ 6pm

Meaningless synchronicity:

On Sept 3 at 8PM, I order 4 used CDs from GoHastings.com for a really great price.

On Sept 4 at 1:44AM, while browsing album cover images, I come across a vinyl album of James Bond film score music that I deem save-worthy due to the heightened-1960s looks (or early 1970s?) of the models and costumes, particularly an Asian model in a ridiculous swimsuit.

On Sept 7, the CDs arrive from GoHastings, and when I open the case of one of them — an album by Troublemakers called “Doubts & Convictions” — what do I find there in the tray artwork but the very same image of those models, copied from that obscure Bond cover.

Weird, huh? Doesn’t mean anything, but, still, small world, eh?

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