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Implants activated dream

Posted in Dream by Will on Friday, September 10th, 2010 ~ 1pm

I had a weird dream. (No one ever says, “I had a normal dream”, but seriously this one was weirder than most, I assure you).

It involved alien implants, the kind rumored to be lodged way up the nasal cavity, high in the sinuses, maybe into the brain itself.

I was with two friends of mine, S_____ and K____, and they were going to “activate” my implant by using a device that looked like two metal cigarettes. I laid back in a dental-chair, and they pushed this double-barreled contraption up my nose (“It’s really high up there!” one said, referring I think to the implant, “It’s no wonder it was difficult…”). Once it was close enough, they flicked a button and the tips of the device would light up or flash a pattern to the implant, which then activated it.

And what did “activation” entail? It was like a drug. It is hard to describe. It felt as if I was getting sensory information from my tongue — and my tongue was now in physical connection with a thousand other people. In my mind’s eye, this connection appeared like a woven carpet, with each notch another person, and running my metaphorical tongue across this metaphorical carpet I could hear a sort of rapture from all the people nearby to where my tongue connected. I was aware that this was not really my tongue, but the stimuli was using nerves or braincells that were not used to doing this, so tongue is the closest I can compare it to. I could tell who were men, who were women…everyone was sort of moaning in excstacy.

Getting out of the chair now (the activator having been slid out), I felt kind of giddy, kind of drunk, as were my friends who had had their activated earlier. Note that this activation was taking place without any aliens — it was more like we humans had discovered or been told how to activate them, and left to run free with it.

I was a bit nervous because I don’t like feeling drugged, but I tried to be confident that unlike a drug, there were no side effects from this. No nauseau, no digestion problems, none of what alcohol or drugs bring.

The three of us stumbled out into a city, maybe New York, though I soon fell behind because I was still in newbie mode with this drug-like feeling, and was verbally assaulted by a drug dealer who didn’t like me looking around for my friends on his turf (a bus station or something). I punched him after awhile of his nagging me.

Much later in the dream, I was injured when attempting to float through a glass door inside a building that evidently took into account the unusual abilities of experiencers — doors actually were doors, you couldn’t pass through them, not without ending up with shards of glass breaking your skin, which is what happened to me. I could have avoided it — I sensed the door was not pass-through-able when I approached it. [I saw shards of glass embedded underneath my arm’s flesh as I lay on the ground stunned, as if the glass and the surface of my body has fused together in an accident of time and place.] [I hope I — the dream me – will be ok!]

The building was filled with people who were experiencers, who had implants, and who were learning what to do with them. It reminded me of the headquarters of MIB (the movie with Will Smith et al), and there was even a guy who looked like Rip Torn. It also looked a bit like a shopping mall. Big screens. I wasn’t clear on what the function of the place was.

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