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Not saying you are, just saying you're like…

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 ~ 6pm

A note on my windsheild this afternoon said “You park like a selfish ASSHOLE”. Quite polite of the author to merely say I park “like” one, rather than to actually say I was one. The distinction is important and true, because in the city parking garage I am assigned, each space is extremely narrow. I am always sliding my body out the door sideways, for that is how the lot was designed; and it is not just me saying that, it is apparent by the painted lines on the ground that give barely enough room for a small car like mine. My “selfish” use of one space was evidently a problem for the large pickup truck next to me. I was not selfish. I am ashamed of only one thing: I tossed the sheet of paper onto the wet ground, in the hope that the author will see what I thought of his or her note. I should have recycled, but I wanted to suggest, by casting the message to the ground, that their message was misdirected.

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