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What’s NEX for Sony?

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, September 13th, 2010 ~ 7pm

Photokina in Cologne (September 21st – 26th) may provide a first look at Sony’s next model in the slim-but-powerful NEX series.

I still haven’t bought a NEX3 or NEX5, because as amazing as they are, they aren’t perfect. I held the NEX3 in my hand and did not fall in love with it. I also found the metal lens unpleasant to the touch. (I plan to go back to the store to hold the NEX5 which they did not yet have in stock — maybe I’ll like it better).

So recently, the more traditionally-shaped A55V has been drawing my attention. But it is too large.

So I really want Sony to reveal at Photokina what the NEX7 will look like. If it is smaller than an A55V, but larger than the current NEX cameras, that would be fine — a perfect compromise.

Some things the current NEX cameras lack, which I’d like to see in the NEX7, are:
– Articulated screen (that flips all the way forward)
– GPS like the A55V (which is so useful when uploading images to a google map for instance)
– Touchscreen or one physical dial

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