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Dream of Octopus Computers

Posted in Dream by Will on Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 ~ 12am

A fanciful dream last night, inspired in part by a music video I saw. Since it is a dream I’ll switch to small type. I dreamed of a world of buildings everywhere, the entire surface of the planet was building, as if streets in city blocks had simply been filled in with more buildings, possibly after the elimination of the potential of fire. Cars flew just over the roofs, which were uneven and varied by several stories — creating some pseudo alleys where they could park.

In these buildings, people shared their memories and thoughts not via machines but via pink creatures that looked like octopuses that sat individually in large glass boxes (without water, but with a different kind of air inside). These creatures worked better than computers because there was no typing or screens involved. Standing before one of these boxes, upon looking into the creatures’ orange eyes, you were filled with the belief that it was really interested in what thoughts you had to contribute. And secure in that feeling, even if you knew it was just an illusion the creature caused in order to encourage you, you’d let forth a thoughtful series of your memories; images, mostly. In my case, the image of a growing tree (inspired by that recent music video I posted here). The whole perception of small trees growing into big trees, the texture of a typical tree’s bark, the look of sunlight upon it, its setting within a forest. It didn’t matter that this was a pastiche of many different looks at different trees, it was nonetheless a good amalgamation. For a race that had no exterior land, or perhaps did not have trees, this was of some minor interest, and anyway the octopus made you think it was worth sharing. The trees filled my mind so fully that I was no longer looking at the octopus at all, but rather I was looking only at the trees in my mind’s eye. The octopus honed my attention.

A couple minutes later, and then I guess the octopus somehow transmitted the set of memories to all the other octopuses that existed in other glass boxes in other buildings, biologically, wirelessly. I guess people could also access these too in some way, but I didn’t dream about that part. My only other observation was that the edges of the plexi-like tanks could have been more decorative if they were going to put them in the middle of rooms.

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