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Home project: 2 frames

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, September 19th, 2010 ~ 3pm

This pair of pre-wired frames with excellent multi-level mattes was found at Goodwill for $7 total ($3.50 each). They originally had a golfing image in them — they were trophies or commemorative pictures of the 14th hole. I was able to remove the plaques from the glass, tear open the back paper, and slid out the flat nails that hold the matte in.

In place of the golf image went two 4″x5″ images by painter Chris Reccardi that I printed on my printer. I feel bad that he isn’t getting any cents from this, but, I’d bought a painting (reproduction) of his before so I think it’s ok. I’m aware that these prints will fade quickly, but I can always print them again.

These are not my favorite Reccardi images (though the blue one ranks high!), but they are two of the few that have white borders and could therefore be dropped into the frame without regard to the aspect ratio of the matte. Plus, these two images clearly were painted as a pair (or as part of his “human” series), so it works for the pair of frames. I believe the orange one is called “N Human” and the blue one “ReHuman”, but that might just be their JPG names.

The cost of this little project doubled when I found that acid-free Scotch brand double-sided tape (for scrapbooking) costs $7 a roll. But I needed it, because otherwise the tape burns through the paper.

I put it all back together, and whalla: Two nice pics for a hallway or somewhere. Honestly I don’t have anywhere to put these, yet. The frames are scratched up, granted. But the mattes are so nice, I don’t mind a little history.

Addendum, slightly off-topic: Is this sexist, having mostly pictures of women? The problem is, Chris Reccardi doesn’t really draw many males, and when he does, they tend to be the same guy, who I suspect is a self-portrait version of himself. He (the animated version of himself) looks a lot like my college roommate, Craig. So I can’t really put a picture up of a guy without making that connection. Result is, a lack of balance in the genders as far as the Reccardi art on my walls goes. That said, he’s painted one of two of guys in gas masks, so, the potential for balance exists.

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