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Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, January 21st, 2007 ~ 2am

If I stay up every night for maybe a week, then perhaps I’ll be able to see all these shows on dvd that I’ve saved up but haven’t yet seen (but I may be hallucinating by the end of that week, so, maybe not): Veronica Mars Season 2. The final episodes of Farscape. 24 Season 5. Gray’s Anatomy Season 1. House Season 1. Point Pleasant. Dead Zone Season 4. And there’s probably some I can’t even remember, which just goes to the point that my desire exceeds my grasp. I also want to see the sitcom How I Met Your Mother because of costar Alyson Hannigan, even though I don’t often watch sitcoms. I watched one more episode of Xena tonight but I wasn’t in the mood, so I watched it with the commentary track on.

One show I chanced upon and actually watched (by virtue of my housemate watching it as I walked in) was the short-lived HBO series Carnivale, in which the elements of life and death (or good and evil) were setting up an apocalyptic showdown in the dust bowl era of America circa 1934 — acting via the troupe of a traveling carnival. The large cast of characters were brilliant, and the settings and costumes felt so authentic that I could imagine my own ancestors living through this era (Assuming I had any. Not sure). The show was phenomenal, but it ended with a clear set up for a third season which never came. I didn’t see the start of the first season so there’s a little more for me to catch up on, but I really loved this show. It is too expensive to buy but it can be rented. I didn’t make a list of best tv shows-on-disc of 2006 but if I had one, this show would be number one. (Yes, it was better than Battlestar Galactica. But only because Battlestar is inherently limited by a relatively smaller cast of characters and fewer settings).

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