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16:9 and feelin' feel

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, October 27th, 2004 ~ 11pm

I’ve been overstressing myself on the subject of widescreen (16:9) LCD monitors recently (to distract myself from all the bad news of late) and I’ve come to the conclusion that due to the extreme cost of widescreen LCD monitors – unaffordable even if you look at last year’s 30″ size, which have since been replaced by this year’s 32″ size – it may be more practical to shrink the size of one’s body rather than buy a big monitor. I believe the key part in such shrinking would be to get one’s eyes closer together, so we’re clearly talking about head shrinkers here.

Beyond this conclusion, I can with some seriousness note that there is a cheap (expensive, but cheaply made I mean) Korean 30″ LCD, the Sceptre, sold at Costco which can serve as a widescreen computer monitor for about $300-$500 less than last-year’s top-of-the-line Sharp 30″ LCD, however the cheap Korean set suffers from “looking like crap.” Actually the Sceptre rates highly among the cheap Korean models, and despite my dream of one day owning a Sharp brand LCD, I almost decided to get the Korean unit because it has all the needed computer inputs that the Sharp has. People have tried it; it works, assuming your video card has a DVI output. It is a good choice for people who aren’t critical about picture quality.

But I am highly critical of picture quality (and of blowing a huge wad on something which sucks… ok, bad metaphor there*), and I’ve learned it suffers from overscan and the picture quality is simply not as good as the Sharp products, mainly due to inferior signal processing (since the Koreans aren’t paying for the latest state of the art chips) and other cheap parts. It is however better than a similarly priced unit being sold by Target (the Syntax Olevia, which has a pretty case but is even worse picture quality than the Sceptre).

*”the Sceptre rates highly among the cheap Korean models” may also fall into this category.

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