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Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007 ~ 7pm

In the past day (mon/tue, counted as one day) , I’ve received and written a great letter to someone, I’ve read on the web that Battlestar Galactica figures are coming out after one year and three months of me wondering (I first started blogging about them in October 2005!), and I’ve received a Friendster message. That last part is almost satirically timed, since as I mentioned I’ve just written a really important letter to someone else. God likes yanking our chains. He or She is a yanker. So much. I haven’t written back to the Friendster yet, because it feels like some kind of karmic test, to see what I’ll do. I’ll dodge the karma by not doing anything for a couple days. And on a related note I should send a wave to L sometime this month. This is like mission central, busy busy busy. Ok, so the action figure thing doesn’t really require any work, and is by far the safest thing in the whole list. You know there’s always one way to deal with people that almost always makes them run away: just be truthful. If I said to the Friendster person, “hi, yeah I am single but I am hashing out the details of an inactive relationship that concerns me more”, that’d probably cut my list of things to be busy about by one.

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