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Smartwool Lid Hat

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 ~ 4pm

95% merino wool. Fits snugly and completely over ears. Doesn’t look like it would withstand wind, but for ambient cold (in relatively still air) it should be effective. Or, wear it with a jacket hood up to cut the wind and have the best of both worlds.

And again, although I like the logo, I worry that a terrorist might think it is a man with a Christian cross for a head, and choose to execute me first. I plan on having this hat on my airplane trip, so, it’s a worry. But I’ll probably be ok. Probably.

Last night the wind was so noisy here in Boulder that it kept me from getting too deep into sleep. Though I had a few dreams so I must have had some deep sleep now and then. My housemate has it worse, since a branch pounds the roof over his room. In the news I saw a massive wind storm over Chicago and indeed, over the whole midwest. Weather is getting fierce, just like climate change predicted.

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