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Romeo and Juliet

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 ~ 9am

most erotic dream eva! i was being kicked out of a room i rented from a family, and wuld have to move into a basement level, nearly windowless room with rats and cats and water on the floor of the hallway leading to it. This was all bad, and would be unforgivably bad were it not for their daughter, who I believed had a promising singing career ahead of her, and who was clearly falling in love with me. Ok, so shades of Lolita perhaps, but, it was an intense series of days of building flirtations, plus i think i was 20 years younger in the dream. So it was only illicit in the way i was betraying the family’s trust by running off with their daughter, or rather, letting her run off with me. And by trying to get her demo heard, which the family was very much against because they had another performer in the family, and felt that the younger daughter had no chance and that it would build up hopes that could not be met. Even their agent said that — that she wouldn’t have even listened to it if it wasn’t for the family connection. But the daughter was developing her own singing and wanted this.

One of our first flirtations was when she was cold due to a white skirt, and from sitting on the metal edges of a wall of windows, and I suggested she sit near a toaster to get its warmth. That was my first inkling that she was flirting with me.

Also there was a weird bit near the end where an aerial performance artist who she loved the work of was, by chance, near our car and we got to see in person that she had a hole in her spine at waist-level, into which she could hook up sensory apparatus of some kind. Gross looking, but the daughter wanted one too, and got one. Also, a bit in which cars had electronic bumper stickers… I could type in a message from the front seat, and press “display on” and it would appear on the back of the car. For break-downs and such, but could also be used to type anything else.

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