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Meaning of Life – there’s an Ap for that

Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, December 25th, 2010 ~ 1pm

Dreamed there was “an ap for that” which revealed the meaning of life when you pressed you hand to the screen. Turned out it was different for everyone!

The results (“the meaning”) were rather like FlashForward (the tv show in which everyone saw a glimpse of a particular moment of their futures) in the sense that it showed a sort of crucible: My meaning of life, the ap said, was to be found sitting a few seats away from me at a German rave concert. I saw the seat and row number of where my own ticket was (17, 19, I think) and there was info about how my meaning of life would be like 5 or 6 or 7 seats to my left. (In reality, I don’t think concerts with that sort of music have seating, but it was only a dream.) I wasn’t sure if, like FlashForward, this meant I had to be sure to remember these details and make them so (get the right ticket, get the right seat) or if it would happen without trying.

I found the Ap’s answer was different for everyone because people could not simultaneously put their hands on the screen at the same time. Each person had to do it alone.

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