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A Toe and an Elk

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, February 1st, 2007 ~ 11pm

The Toe

I only flinched a tiny bit this time, and then the second time the needle went in I sort of watched (I’d peek and look away, peek and look away, then just stared at the barrel of the needle to see how much more liquid needed to be injected) and maybe that kept me from flinching a second time. The whole .2 millisomethings of the liquid were injected into my little toe, and I didn’t scream or pass out or anything. This is the third injection in an effort to eliminate the irritating wart, and so far, despite some promise after the first treatment, there’s been no effect whatsoever. However, since this is the first time that the doc cleanly got the whole shot in without me flinching away, perhaps this time it will do something. Right now my little toe is so swollen that it doesn’t deserve to be called the little toe anymore. It’s vying for honorary thumb.

And The Elk

More neatly, on my way out to the snow-covered parking lot, I beheld a giant four legged creature with huge antlers standing right there on the sidewalk, munching on some shrubbery around the parking lot rim. Way bigger than a dog, though its fur reminded me of that. It did not seem too alarmed that I was walking through the same lot that it was standing by. I said a couple small words to it as I walked by maybe 20 feet from it (to show that I was not the kind of creature to scream or bark at it), and proceeded to brush my car off. Despite my wanting to be harmless toward it, I thought for a moment that maybe it should not get too accepting of me, since if it becomes used to humans, it could get shot by one someday. It seemed to become a little bit concerned as I continued to look at it. But before I could inadvertently alarm it any more myself, a car drove by and it broke into a gallop.

Remember that today the snow was coming down so fine and so heavily that you couldn’t see more than fifty feet in front of you. The creature probably wandered farther into the suburbs than it usually does since it didn’t have a clear view of all the human occupied territories that lay before it. Indeed, when it ran off, it was running down Kalmia towards 9th Street, and there’s even less nature in that direction than from the hills from whence it must have come. As I drove towards 9th Street myself a moment later I did not see it anywhere, on the sidewalks or in people’s yards or in the street, so I’m thinking it maybe caught a bus.

What a world we live in, where seeing an animal is a rare occurrence instead of an everyday one. I don’t even know what it was. Words that come to mind: Caribou. Deer. Elk. Clearly a male (the antlers), and clearly mature (large horns), but not old. I last saw one of these when I first arrived in Boulder a year ago.

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