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Leela, a Valentine’s Day wish…

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, February 14th, 2011 ~ 5pm

If I had a wife or girlfriend, I’d probably be hoping she’d have picked up this Leela costume from Doctor Who at some point:

Doctor Who: Costume: Leela
Every Doctor needs an assistant and who better than the very sexy Leela? This fab costume arrives all ready to pop into the TARDIS and go off adventuring! The outfit comes in small (UK size 6-8), medium (UK size 10/12) and large (UK size 14-16). Costume includes top, shorts, belt and gauntlets.


(Leela was one of Doctor Who’s companions — see this old article here; she’s the central image. Reportedly, Tom Baker (the actor who played the Doctor) did not like her, perhaps because she was a good actress and he risked being outshone. But their episodes are among the best of the Tom Baker era.)

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