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Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, February 3rd, 2007 ~ 3am

iTunes shuffle: When playing songs randomly, I am finding that the ones I enjoy most are by Liz Phair — someone I rarely play a full album by, but who is just delightful when randomly come across. Who wouldn’t want to come across Liz Phair. And another artist in my collection who really impresses me is Milla Jovovich. When songs from her album The Divine Comedy come on, my first reaction is “this is good” followed by “who is this?” followed by “wow it’s Milla!”. A third album that really blows my skirt up whenever a track is randomly played is the soundtrack to Marie Antoinette. Disc 1 was terrible and I did not include it, but disc 2 is an impressive addition to the mix.

Oh, that shot from yesterday gave me about 18 hours of flu-like symptoms.* Happens to 5% of people who get it, and of course it happened to me. So I had no sleep last night, and I found myself really wishing the floor of my room was clean as I traipsed across it in the dark to the bathroom seemingly every hour. I cleaned it today.

*Or maybe I got it from staring at an elk. Cause and effect gets blurry when one is exhausted.

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