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Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, July 19th, 2004 ~ 5pm

So I met a new person today, who is living in the basement of the house I spend a good deal of time at, the home of my boss. Great potential to hang out or go to a movie…though movies are better if you can talk, which rules out movies now playing. Too bad I didn’t yet get my boss to buy that giant screen flat panel television and DVD set up that me and K had been planning to convince him of the need for, because his house has central air and it’s been humid lately…

I’ll probably try to get over there saturday afternoon or something, as I’m away Friday (errands to run in the burbs)….and as I’m trying this I realize she may be reading this because I gave her my card which has my website on the back, so, eh, “hi there!”. Yeah this is me over here. The blog is kind of new so there’s no archives yet, which is kind of appropriate – can’t learn much about a person through their blog, wouldn’t be fair. More fun to tell people in person I think. She’s nicely unreserved in her repertoire of subjects of discussion. My word choice sounds very English (UK), but I speak of the lack of bullshit that many people put in front of themselves. Including myself I’m sure. But I’m working on it. I just don’t know where I’ll be when I get there.

My nature, according to my chart, is to resist the reality that people may end up in a different place due to their friendships. There’s an implied agreement to not know where the fuck one will end up when one is in a relationship, but bringing that same level of understanding to friendship is something new for me to conceive of. My inability to accept that friendships too require and causes growth is perhaps why I keep such a small circle of friends…because I don’t feel it is right to affect other people’s lives.

What I am learning to recognize, or trying to recognize, is that one can have that same “not knowing where one will end up” in both friendships and relationships. I’ve usually assumed that for relationships, but I haven’t been as good about that in friendships as I should be.

So I am looking forward to the opportunity to hang out and mentally laugh at the conflicts I put in my own mind about what is what or who is who.

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