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Liberty Liability

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, February 7th, 2007 ~ 4pm

aka Stop Trying To Distract Me While I’m Driving

Those people dressed as the Statue of Liberty, dancing around with signs warning motorists driving down 28th Street that it is tax time, are really freaking me out. There’s only four or five of them, but they seem to be everywhere — on the sidewalk, in the street, leaping across the hoods of passing cars… They’re really distracting and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a few car accidents before they’re done. I’m not so much annoyed as concerned that they’re going to cause harm.

The individual lobster man doesn’t distract me, nor does the green vegetable creature who also stands alone most days. And I enjoyed the pirate and gangster who promoted a Halloween shop last year. Particularly the pirate…it was the striped stockings. The recovering addict with her sign noting how many days she’s been clean and asking for money to travel home is ok in my book, and I don’t mind the rotating shifts of unemployed who sit outside the Whole Foods driveway either — I gave one a bag of cookies once (admittedly because I was afraid I was going to eat the whole bag if I didn’t get rid of it).

But the combined kinetics of a group of sign wavers is dangerously distracting. Many cities have tried to ban these Liberty Taxes mascots, but to ban them means banning political protests too, so no can do. Apparently the reason why their signs say “It’s tax time!” rather than “We’re Whoring for Liberty Taxes” is because some cities ban signage on sidewalks.

Related story, and even funnier comments to another news story (“If mattress costumes are outlawed, only outlaws will dress up as mattresses”).

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