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Customer Service

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, February 9th, 2007 ~ 4pm

I love it…a customer calls to ask how long it takes for a software license key to arrive after placing an online order, concerned that with Friday almost over it might not arrive in time. I tell him that it is a swift automated process that will only take a few minutes, as long as he makes absolutely sure not to write anything at all in the “Comments” box during the order. I tell him that if he writes anything in the “Comments” box, the order will be interrupted until the comments can be manually evaluated. Do not write anything in the Comments box, I tell him, and the order will go through automatically with no delay, even on the weekend.

So I just got his order, and there in the Comments field is “I will need to work with this over the weekend, so if you can send me the install code promptly it would be greatly appreciated.”

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