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Prototype Galactica Figures at Toy Fair 2007

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, February 10th, 2007 ~ 11pm

First pics of the Battlestar Galactica action figures are on display at the annual trade show Toy Fair in New York.

These are hand painted prototypes — the actual figures will be painted differently, and even the sculpts may change a bit if the studios or actors reject these sculpts.

Captain Lee Adama (“Apollo”) in Flight Suit is a 5-star figure, perfect, fantastic flight suit and reasonable likeness of the actor’s face. Dig the Roman hair styles the men on Galactica wear (brushed forward).

Chief Tyrel is 4-stars, good enough, though the resemblance is not perfect (he needs more Fred Flintstone stubble) and I would have preferred him in his orange deck suit (perhaps they will make a version of him in his orange deck suit later).

Number Six is only 2-stars because I don’t see a resemblance in the face, and it is therefore the only figure I’d say they need to go back and see if some other sculptor can bring out her face a bit better. I don’t know if the actor’s heads were scanned in or if these are purely artistic renderings, but either way sculptors accentuate what we perceive, and this one is in need of some different accentuation.

Besides these three, reports say to expect “a short-packed Hot Dog (not shown), plus a DST-exclusive Chief”. Hot Dog will presumably be the same figure as Lee Adama but with Hot Dog’s head, and the exclusive Chief Tyrel figure might be wearing the orange deck suit that I am hoping for.

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