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Reality of an Unreal Holiday

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, February 12th, 2007 ~ 10pm

Oh great, my parents sent me a Valentine’s Day package. I am sure their intention is good. But this is not a fucking real holiday, it is a scam designed to make couples feel awkward. This is the one holiday I object to, and I am sorry to see them perpetuating it. But beyond that objection, my mom threw in other items (besides the candy) from CVS including chap-stick and band-aids.

Band-aids! Which I am allergic to because they’re latex! So now I have a Priority Mail envelope full of otherwise good candy that has been in contact with an item that makes it difficult to breathe — and the entire package has been smashed so many times in transit that there’s no doubt they’re blended to some extent. I will no doubt remind my parents on the phone to please not send me band-aids as I am allergic to them, and they will no doubt laugh and say that they don’t believe me, because after all, other people aren’t allergic, so why would I be? And I will inevitably at some point soon (maybe even tonight) eat the candy, because it is candy after all, but for an hour or two after eating it I will be watching myself for any changes and cursing their ignorance.

Yes, I am aware the entire scenario above looks like it is holding the subtext of anguish over basic parental neglect of a child’s particular needs. And maybe that is true. Reality has a way of being metaphorical. “Here’s some love, and we might accidentally kill you because we can’t pay attention to your particular needs.”

Update: I was just freaking out. It’s been that kind of day. It was like I’d skipped over being slightly depressed and was just in the middle of it, the beyond feeling kind of feeling. Which I pulled out of by watching 3 more episodes of 24. Which I say not to get sympathy, but just to say it’s been a weird day.

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