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Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, May 14th, 2011 ~ 1pm

dreamed a small — tiny! — military helicopter crashed in my backyard. The sole pilot, a woman, was conscious and uninjured except for 2nd degree burns on her right shoulder from overheated metal, which she was too stunned to feel. I talked to her. She said she had a dog with her, a military dog, and i tried to get a description of it. i reassured her that even if it took a few days to find, there was plenty of food for an animal to eat because there was a fair going on with many animals roaming around to delight children (which there was). I liked this woman. And somehow, she was friend of a friend, as if this encounter had been planned. I think she was a friend of Ellie (a real friend of mine from Portland) and Ellie was hoping I’d become a friend of hers, even though she already had a boyfriend – an arrogant jerk from the military, who Ellie hoped I’d come between.

It took hours for the military to arrive, and when they did they filled the backyard with soldiers and equipment to hide the crashed helicopter, and effectively pushed me out. When i tried to watch from the back door, a soldier did the “acting arrogant” routine on me, and ultimately confiscated by iPhone (hey, i had an iPhone in this dream – yay me!) to get dirt on me, i.e. get all my private browsing history, images, etc. in a further effort to intimidate me. It became clear he was the aforementioned jerk. He tried to get me stuck to a sheet of silver goo which typically immobilized crowds, but I managed to get it off me.

I went off in another direction in an effort to return to the crash indirectly, but became lost as soon as I found myself in a small city block, a town square. I cried because I so much wanted to be back with her again. An old friend from school guided me back, fortunately. I was only a couple blocks off.

There was a scene of resolution of the fight between me and the arrogant soldier, in which I laughed off my browsing history as relatively tame, and not something that could really be used to intimidate me, though he still wanted to charge me for being at the crash scene, even though it was my own backyard (or rather, the backyard of my parents’ house, but I did not want to confound my point with that detail). He was still a jerk but seemed to be tempering his attack.

Meanwhile she, the airwoman who had crashed, was getting better I suppose.

But then I was taken into a sort of other dimension, where the building I was having the conversation in suddenly grew much taller, and by sticking to the wall I could be carried up. And the occupants of this special building, who in this dream conversation was a woman dressed normally in a dress, was explaining it to me but seemed confident that I’d get it wrong because I was, in her opinion, more stupid than her kind were. And it was true, I could barely navigate my way around this other building. And ki didnt know the customs, like how to acknowledge people or other species as you pass by them in a hall.

I found a room in which naked women with shaved heads were making out. Though there was some feeling that the original pilot was here, or around here somewhere, i was not sure if that was so. This scene turned into a class, or i was invited via business card to attend a class, on human sexuality or extreme boundaries or something. i attended with a friend, but after the movie the teacher was missing, and i wondered if the class part of the class was also by invitation; i checked the business card for more info, perhaps another location. As i tried to figure this out, the audience had left, except for one dark-haired woman who remained seated. She spoke to me. I think she was waiting for me. She alluded to the original pilot being somewhere waiting for me to find her. I was now more intent on figuring out the card than ever, knowing that she was waiting for me, but I still did not know how to find her.

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