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my mostly-liquid diet

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 ~ 5pm

6/12 143.8 nude! I broke through the 145lb barrier!!! True to advice, it took some intentional fluctuations of my diet including a day or two of eating MORE (to keep my metabolism up).”
6/11 did not measure
6/10 did not measure
6/09 145.2 nude in the evening – and that’s AFTER I’d had a small lunch! Whoo-hoo! I wonder if the scale is accurate though, since I don’t believe my PJ’s weight 1.4 lbs.
6/09 146.6 with PJ’s on …those “Thin” bagels must be working (fewer carbs, just as tasty)
6/08 147 with PJ’s on
6/07 did not measure
6/06 did not measure
6/05 did not measure
6/04 145.8…ate an extra bagel
6/03 145.5
6/02 did not measure…ate an extra hummus wrap (bad me!)
6/01 145.2
5/31 145.6
5/30 did not measure
5/29 145.9!
5/28 did not measure
5/27 did not measure
5/26 147.3 with pj’s on
5/25 148.2 or 146.5, my scale keeps changing between the two
5/24 148.5
5/23 149.5

5/18 155

May 18: I started my liquid diet today. My rules for my liquid diet are: 1 solid meal per day (these are MY rules!) but just once – like a burrito or a hummus wrap,or even a bagel sandwich. The rest are protein/fiber drinks, which don’t taste too good but maybe that is so one does not get any inspiration to experience a taste sensation. Also, no eating after 8pm is reinstated. This is inspired by other dieters on Facebook.

[So how did I end up at 155, considering that I’ve always considered 150 to be too much for me, and 145 to be a reasonable, if somewhat higher-than-I’d-like, weight? I’d twice ordered Chinese fried rice in the past couple weeks and eaten it each time in one sitting, I had been eating a large chocolate chip cookie every time I went to WholeFoods, and more recently after having tried to abandon buying that one cookie I’d bought a dozen chocolate chip cookies (of lesser quality) instead. I’d also been eating Twizzlers or Red Vines whenever I watched Fringe, since the character Walter eats Red Vines and I knew it always made me want them. I regretted it every time and yet continued to find myself unable to stop. Also, and this is the insidious part because it probably did the most harm without ever seeming like an indulgence: I was eating toast. A lot. At night when I watched a series, I’d be cooking up toast and applying an admittedly diet-non-butter-substance to it, but still, it was carbs, basically pure carbohydrates every night, sometimes 6 to 8 pieces of toast over the course of an hour show. Sometimes with cinnamon. And sometimes it was a bagel, though usually toast. Even though it was a spelt bread, it was adding on to my weight, until one day after a month of not checking the scale, I found myself seeing 150lbs displayed on the digital readout.]

May 21: Still trying to make up the rules on what my diet allows, and it being a Saturday I allowed myself to have popcorn (about 400 calories, real popcorn seeds popped in a brown lunchbag in the microwave, with melted butter and salt added) and an extra protein shake. Probably I should have limited it to the popcorn as the treat.

May 23: I started my mostly-liquid diet on May 18. It is now May 23, and I weigh 149.5. I believe this represents my body weight absent the few lbs of solid-food materials that would usually be inside me. So I have not lost any actual weight yet, but I am marking 149.5 as my starting point. PS AmazingMeal Vanilla Chai w/almond milk tastes great!

May 24: I should have mentioned earlier how much better my one solid meal of the day TASTES now that it is the only solid meal I have to look forward to. I’ve had salmon-salad on bagel as a late-afternoon meal (late lunch? Early dinner?) a couple times and have LOVED it. I also loved, more than usual, garden-burgers. Taste sensations. Even after eating the salmon bagel I didn’t want to rinse my mouth out right away so the taste could linger! But of course, fish breath, so I did after awhile.

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  1. Rodney said,

    on May 25th, 2011 at 5:52 am

    How interesting. I have experienced this same thing and the same weight issues. I too prefer to be at 145 even though it’s still a little too “heavy” for me. I am now hovering at 155. On my small frame it’s too much. I really don’t eat that much, but apparently everything turns right to fat. I am reminded of something Rhoda said once on the Mary Tyler Moore show – “Why do I even bother eating this chocolate? I should just rub it on my hips.” Of course I have been trying to bury a lot of stress with comfort foods this past year. I went on the Special K cereal diet for a week and felt better, but am already sliding off again.

  2. Will said,

    on May 25th, 2011 at 11:52 am

    I expect that for both of us, it is our ages that are adding the extra pounds — as well as the comfort of food as you know. Especially the comfort of sugar and carbs. For me it all appears at my tummy, and since I live in a town — Boulder CO — where everyone has flat-as-board stomachs (a lot of bicycle riders here), it is impossible to ignore. Though I fondly remember being told that it wasn’t a bad thing, it bothers me enough to want to get back to 145.

    If you try this, or even a limited fashion of it, you will be amazed about how tasty the one solid meal a day tastes! I’d say do it for that experience alone! Keep eating the cereal in the morning (I think that is good for you) and just try substituting a shake now and then instead of a meal, maybe?

    Almond Milk suggestion is the Original Flavor, NOT Vanilla.

  3. Rodney said,

    on May 26th, 2011 at 10:41 am

    I saw there was a chocolate version of Amazing Meal too. I’ll have to try that. And, yes…age is kicking in. I am actually starving as I type this trying to stay thin…or thinner. I don’t know how I can be both skinny and fat at the same time. It’s a cruel cosmic joke.

  4. Martha said,

    on July 18th, 2011 at 9:42 am

    I’ve been doing low carb for 2 months and the results are amazing! Besides the weight loss, I don’t get so hungry and crave the carbs anymore.
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