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X-Men Origins reaction

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, June 4th, 2011 ~ 8pm

Spoiler free review of X-Men First Class

Does it fill in the backstory properly? Yes, it does.

Does it have any sense of tension or drama? Not really.

Are the CGI tears distracting? Yes – let the actors act.

Could it have been an hour montage instead of a 2-hour movie? Oh yes.

More importantly — movies are not “where it’s at” any more. Miniseries are the way to tell interesting stories. You need 12 hours to tell a story and actually develop emotional connections with the characters. That is not provided in a film, though this film has a couple moments of it (at the start with the child Magneto, and at the start with Xavier and his “sister”), but not enough. Sorry but films are just too superficial for the kind of involvement in these characters’ lives that this story deserves.

This film was a fine Preface, a rich, detailed preface — but oddly rather than these qualities making X-Men First Class a great film, it only makes X-Men and X-Men2 greater films, while leaving itself still a bit out in the cold.

Also: How many people thought that was Jack Nicholson for a moment?

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