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Posted in Dream by Will on Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 ~ 12am

Dreamed I was in what I suspected was a parallel world, so I tried the Heinlein technique of asking people when the first moon landing was (the theory being that the dates would be different even in similar worlds). I also tried getting people to complete the sentence “That’s one small step for man…”. But for all I knew the people I met may just have been dumb or not up on old NASA history. I may not have even been in a parallel world; I may have simply been in another town. Or, in this world no one had ever been to the moon. So the situation was a bit confused. All I knew was that I was wandering around outside on city streets at far too late an hour asking strangers stupid questions.

A couple guys recognizing me as just as down on his luck as they were, who were headed to their home of the moment, let me crash in their pad for the night, in a slum part of town. It was kind of cold, a drizzly sort of post-winter time where things were still more often cold than warm. (I remember one snow bank remaining, on which I tried to draw “1969”.)

Their flat barely had running water — an old sink, in the kitchen. I got under a throw blanket in that kitchen and slept on a soft-enough chair, with a promise to the less inviting one that I’d pay them five dollars when I could find five dollars.

Later in the dream I was tearing bricks out of a wall, trying to escape from a room (not their flat), resentfully making a mess of the interior since I was imprisoned there. But it was more like I was trapped, like a part of my consciousness was trying to get out of this room so I could free-flow dream into other landscapes. But the windows were bricked over, and when I’d unbricked them, they were still too small to fit through.

Still later, I found a Dualla action figure with a plastic Cylon Raider ship included. That particular product does not exist in reality, but in this dream it was totally sensible. It may have been that each figure came with 1/3rd of the ship, since I mostly remember the middle section of the ship being behind the figure.

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