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My mostly-liquid diet continued updated

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, June 13th, 2011 ~ 1pm

6/20-6/24 – steadily maintaining an under 144 lb weight. Sometimes 143, sometimes 144.
6/19 143.6 with PJs on

6/16 144 not sure what happened here.
6/15 142.5 – possible snag in that my face now appears thinner, which is not something I need. I’ll have to study my face and decide. It may mean that my goal should be no lower than 140 — my idea of getting back to my “135” weight of my twenties and early 40s may be too much for my adult body. On the plus side, I am feeling great about myself. Everything is coming together – my weight, and, the long-term results of my electrolysis, which a few months ago involved some, um, neatness, but which then takes a few months for some regrowth to settle back in for the final effect. I’m looking good now. Vanity is fun!
6/14 142.9
6/13 142.5 – yesterday’s measurement was not in error, apparently!
6/12 143.8 nude! I broke through the 145lb barrier!!! True to advice, it took some intentional fluctuations of my diet including a day or two of eating MORE (to keep my metabolism up).”
6/11 did not measure
6/10 did not measure
6/09 145.2 nude in the evening – and that’s AFTER I’d had a small lunch! Whoo-hoo! I wonder if the scale is accurate though, since I don’t believe my PJ’s weight 1.4 lbs.
6/09 146.6 with PJ’s on …those “Thin” bagels must be working (fewer carbs, just as tasty)
6/08 147 with PJ’s on
6/07 did not measure
6/06 did not measure
6/05 did not measure
6/04 145.8…ate an extra bagel
6/03 145.5
6/02 did not measure…ate an extra hummus wrap (bad me!)
6/01 145.2
5/31 145.6
5/30 did not measure
5/29 145.9!
5/28 did not measure
5/27 did not measure
5/26 147.3 with pj’s on
5/25 148.2 or 146.5, my scale keeps changing between the two
5/24 148.5
5/23 149.5

5/18 155 <-start of my diet (see previous entries about it)

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