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Elements of my dream last night

Posted in Dream by Will on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 ~ 12pm

I should mention this is the second night of interesting dreams. Yesterday’s was really good but I forgot to write it down. Here are highlights from last night’s dream, notable for the model bit:

Erroneously killed a translucent fish in which many colorful candy-like items were visible inside it, on the mistaken belief that someone was gesturing to me that the fish was dangerous. (I made a pin-hole in it, which then turned into a big hole and the fish died.) It was in fact harmless, nice, and just curious – and much-mourned by a woman-like fish creature who I could only see in the corner of my eye who until then I was developing a nice rapport with.

Could not find my high school. It was gone. Disconcerting. Found another building to go into:

Floated (past security via dropping down through a floor) through a blue-halled fashion office (of a high-end designer) in which models were preparing for some kind of event. Rare in that when discovered by the models, I was not in fact rejected but instead was hidden by them from their bosses, and they invited me to the event.

Escaping from nasty alien invaders who were dropping from the sky. They first would drop blue slime, which would attack moving cars and moving people, etc. The souped-up car I was in got blue on it as we tore through a city block and we’d have to jump out soon or the blue would envelop the car completely. 3 people in car, me in backseat.

Looking for food in a cheap 7-11 type of place that at best had microwaved burgers. I think this was part of being on the run.

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