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Philips Ambient LED 40watt LED lightbulb

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, July 8th, 2011 ~ 3pm

The Philips Ambient LED 40watt (SKU 0 46677 40695 0) is the first LED light bulb that I have not been severely disappointed by.

I’d been trying affordable LED bulbs every few months, hoping that one day they would not give off the typical disgusting green hue, but all failed — until today.

At $22 this is the first bulb that is both affordable AND looks like it should, with a light that doesn’t have any hint of green. (Perhaps this advancement came earlier to more expensive bulbs, but I could not afford to test those.) It seems to accomplish this by having a yellow-orange shield around the light source.

I have in the past tried to add a hint more warmth by placing a relatively weak (1 watt) “red” or “amber (yellow)” LED bulb next to a normal LED bulb, in situations where you cannot see the bulbs (like in a rice-paper lantern orb).

I do not need to with the Philips Ambient LED 40watt.

I was not aware of the risk of UV, or near-UV, light coming from LEDs. That’s a concern for artwork as much as for eyes. I don’t think I’ll buy any LEDs that do not have the yellow shield that this Philips bulb has.

BTW this bulb is so new, that it does not exist yet on Amazon. It has arrived at Home Depot (only at the store, not on their website), and is priced at $22.

And for a bulb designed to appeal to environmental concerns, it comes packaged in the most elaborate cardboard and plastic getup I’ve yet seen.

Also BTW, this does NOT mean that other Philips LED bulbs are as good! Far from it. This is one of only 2 Philips bulbs that claims to have a color temperature of 2700 degrees — their others are still stuck at a greenish 3000 degrees. So be careful.

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