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Moot Pointe

Posted in Dream by Will on Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 ~ 12pm

Inspired in part by an NPR report about the internet which was taking place on my bedside clockradio, I dreamed that on The Day The Internet Crashed I was stuck in between the Canadian and United Statesian border, in a magic town which sounded like (but was not spelled like) “Moot Point”. It was so-named because it was neither Canada nor United States, and normally no one was allowed to stop there, and certainly not move there. But on this day, when the borders had to be closed because all systems had failed and countries no longer had computers to verify nationality, I, and others who were traveling, were stuck here. Sounds like the pilot episode of a tv series, like Pushing Daisies or Eureka, doesn’t it? I was very intrigued by this little village, and took out my cellphone to photograph a house which was half-covered in artistic graffiti, very Seattle style (I’d imagine). In this dream I’d been on a bus, which had stopped at a rest area at the border, and it was during a walk that the Internet had Gone Down and I’d thus been separated from that bus trip. I’d originally tried to race back to it — there was some warning that something was going wrong — but I’d walked too far and could not make it back, on account of having spotted, on a walking trail, an old high school friend named Nancy Gaines*. She was walking away from me, so in trying to catch up to her, I’d gone too far. She was directing some kind of artistic protest (oversized paper-mache heads, costumes) or something. By the time I caught up with her, it was just her and some guy who I think was her boyfriend (and I was a little disappointed of course because I’ve always thought she is neat). Anyway, now stuck here, I levitated along the trail back towards Moot Pointe, along the edge of a pond. It was actually a larger town than I’d thought. It also had a depressed train-channel, two stories deep, and fenced on both sides, for freight trains running from Canada to the US and back (fenced off and deep to prevent anyone from jumping on — not that anyone could at the speed the trains ran). Seems that I’d be stuck here for awhile, but, it was ok. It was sunny, and there were many people like me walking or levitating along the walking path. I also remember that when I levitated over the water I had to be real careful to keep my levitation up, or else I’d risk falling into the water and soaking my belongings, which included a set of clothes and other travel items, in a satchel. Also a BluRay of Underworld, and my cellphone. Levitating is not always reliable.

Later on a brief side-dream set in a large building, larger than a residence, perhaps once a mansion, now an office or something. Me and another couple of people were trying to escape out the windows, but found ourselves dangling for our lives, and then trying to climb down from the third floor window onto the extended part of a yellow construction vehicle, as a way of escaping some thing that was invading the building. Had to swing the construction vehicle towards me with my mind. Precarious! Who was invading? Not clearly remembered, but some kind of military force that came from the sky. Like SWAT teams, but bad guys. Maybe Americans (United Statesians).

*Who I just googled and is now married and has a new last name

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