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Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, March 5th, 2007 ~ 6pm

So I met a girl today who is not only a sci-fi fan, but who would rather run off with a bunch of aliens than be around human beings here on Earth. I know — perfect, right? There should be more people like her. (Except then they’d all be running away from each other). She expressed her wish to live among different aliens as something she wished for when she was a child. But does that kind of wish ever really go away? Seems to me it is a perspective that lasts. Related note, and to set the scene of what kind of universe she’d like to live in: she’s a huge fan of Farscape, hasn’t seen Firefly. More women should be hard core sci-fi fans, though. The ratio is way too low.

I’m not sure why my friend K (that’s K in CO, if K-with-child is reading this) didn’t mention her, but perhaps it is because she does not know of her interest in sci fi, or perhaps because K would rather have me find a super-rich person. I don’t know. More likely, the person just isn’t single. Actually, more likely is that K knows in advance that the person wouldn’t be right for me. She’s perceptive that way. But kudos for the wishing to live among aliens wish. I hope it comes true for her some day.


And a quick video op: Rent Appleseed.

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