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Eyeglasses – new ones I want

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, March 10th, 2012 ~ 3pm

Ooh I want these. JHaneBarnes “Substrate”. Slightly larger lenses as is the fashion today (great because that means more coverage to see through – something I’ve been wanting).

I need to check to see if eye exams are included in my health insurance or if I need to pay the store-optometrist to get an updated prescription…OK – health insurance doesn’t cover it at all, so, eye exam scheduled. That’s a hundred bucks. But I found the frames online for $80 less than what they cost at Aspen Eyewear, so…I wonder if Aspen Eyewear will install lenses onto frames they themselves did not sell to me???…Wow, the online reviews of discount frame mailorder places are uniformly terrible! May have to buy them at the actual store after all. Found a promo code so, not as bad as it could be but still expensive. I don’t even want to think of what the total cost will be…

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