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Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, March 11th, 2007 ~ 6pm

Dammit, sigh. While hooking up my friend’s lcd tv today she mentioned that the Farscape fan I was interested in has hooked herself up with another of my friend’s friends. And in that always-the-way-it-happens, the guy she’s hooked up with is visiting here, he doesn’t live here in Boulder.

Arguably that could be good, in that it means he’ll be gone in a week, but then again who knows how love goes…maybe they’ll move away together into a new land. Plus, it is always harder to measure up to another person when the other has, um, left an impression so recently. Maybe that’s just male insecurity, but even so it is another reason to sigh depressively. I didn’t even have a plan yet for how to find out more about Farscape-fan, and someone already found her.

Oddly this was one time when my friend did not sense my reaction to hearing the news.

Update: My friend believes that Farscape-fan is not quirky enough to be compatible with me.

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