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iTunes 11 – a good step forward, but one with much that needs to be changed

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, November 29th, 2012 ~ 9pm

iTunes 11, a radical departure from all prior versions of iTunes, is a good step forward, but one with much that will need to be changed.

iTunes 11 minimizes the existence of album cover art to such an extent that many who love cover art will cry foul. Where cover art is present, it is very small, and the only size options are to make it even smaller. A medium-sized image of the cover is displayed when one is playing an album, but it is corrupted with a blurred-edges effect which ruins the art director’s intent – this is in fact what I expect will be changed first, after record companies complain to Apple. No large images of the album covers exist anywhere.

UPDATE: Wait! If you click on the centimeter-sized icon of the album cover in the bar at the top of the iTunes interface, a big picture of the album appears!

So there IS one way to see the cover large and unadulterated!

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