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Hillary Clinton, Bereft of Ideals?

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, March 15th, 2007 ~ 2pm

“Is there anything — ANYTHING — that this woman ever says that is honest and comes from the heart? Anything that isn’t politically calculated and spun?” asks a reader of The New York Times after reading of Senator Clinton’s response to a question about she agreed with General Pace’s view that homosexuality is ‘Immoral’.

“Well I’m going to leave that to others to conclude,” was Clinton’s response to the ‘Immoral’ question. It could just as easily have been the response to the reader’s question.

“Who wants a President — let alone a Senator — than can’t ever speak from the heart?” the reader continued. Another observed “her blatant political over-calculations are getting tiresome,” and another advised her to “be brave and be honest,” noting that “no one should even consider electing her if she can’t even do that!”

Hillary’s nature is a problem for me, as well. When she is evasive in the hope that some less-aware people might vote for her if they do not learn her true ideals, she is being duplicitous — not to mention insulting to the dim people whom she hopes to fool. When she abandons her true ideals to protect her career — as she did when came out in support of the Republican’s inane flag burning amendment — she risks becoming bereft of those ideals entirely.

One can argue that her nature of going whichever way the wind blows is an effort to stay in the game, so that she may occasionally have an opportunity to stand up for something and have a positive effect. But I have grave doubts that she can stand up for anything at this point. Voting for the Iraq war, and now refusing to say her vote was a mistake, suggests how far gone she is.

Of course I’ll vote for whoever gets the Dem nomination. But I’d rather vote for someone of substance.

UPDATE: Clinton has released a statement retracting her remark (link), and again the readers call her on it: “Again Hillary Clinton shows that she revises everything she says to suit the polls. This is one of her biggest problems as a campaigner for the presidency. She refuses to make her positions known, and revamps her ideas when she is criticized. She is afraid to stick her neck out on any issue because she may turn off voters, and she need to take the risk to show leadership qualities.” Amen. And by the way I am not one of those “not another Clinton” people. Clinton (Bill) was an excellent President and the country did great under his leadership, even when the Republicans tried to shut down the government in retaliation for their losing the Presidency.

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