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Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, March 16th, 2007 ~ 4pm

Y’ever have one of those days where you become so disorganized that everything including your clothing becomes such a hassle that the only solution is to throw it all off? I am in one of those days now. On my way home from work I stop at Jamba Juice and as I am standing around I feel a breeze on my manly bits and realize that I hadn’t successfully buttoned my button fly — my first clue that I becoming disorganized. Then in the car I just couldn’t bear the traffic and I could barely pry my cell phone out of my pocket because of that dumb antennae nub catching on my belt (next phone will not have that nub, mark my words!). And now that I am home I had to just fling everything out of my pockets because there is so much damn stuff filling them — paychecks, tissues, the label of a new tea I like, a coupon, and many random sticky notes (I think that is what they are — did I even put them there??). I am about to just strip naked and take a shower, because I think I can handle that.

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