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Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, March 26th, 2007 ~ 7pm

My testimonial for UniKeep’s binders that I’d written in January appeared in this month’s e-newsletter from UniKeep. See relevant part of the newsletter below. Why did I pimp for UniKeep? Just ’cause I like their binders, and also I fondly remember writing the equivalent of ad-copy when I worked at JEMI and I like to keep in practice. There’s a few typos in this (I didn’t pay as much attention to tenses as I should have), but I think I successfully incorporated product names, usage, and ordering information into a story-like format. And, it is honest:


March 22, 2007 /
Savings, User Tips & Testimonials

4th Annual UniKeep™ Design Award Contest
Sponsored by Creative Techniques and Scrapbooking & Beyond Magazines
How do you use your UniKeep products?

When it came time for me to move across the country, I knew I had too many DVDs to transport. So I considered ways to bring only my discs without the cases. The search led me to UniKeep binders. The DVD cases went into deep storage. The DVDs themselves went into UniKeep Media Disc Binders, and to Colorado with me.

My new apartment now enjoys much more shelf space, with about 500 discs in 10 UniKeep Media Disc Binders with some room to spare — a single shelf of semi-transparent binders less than 17 inches across. It all looks rather futuristic. I’ve preserved the look of the semi-transparent material by using P-Touch labels (black ink on clear tape) to label the spines (A-Z).

I’ve been using the 80 disc capacity binders as standard, but I’ve also found that some entire television series can fit into the smaller 48 disc Media Disc Binders; for example, every season of Farscape, Highlander, and Xena fits perfectly. Others I group by genre – 24 and Alias share the same binder. (Speaking of Alias, did anyone else notice the characters use UniKeep binders in the later seasons?)

Honestly it took me a while to become used to living without the DVD case art. I could have

kept the case art in page protectors within the binders, but I found there was no need. Since I started using a free online database service to keep track of what movies I owned, I no longer need to look at a shelf or flip through the binders. The transition was not dissimilar from moving from CDs to iTunes.

I’ve got a lighter environment thanks to UniKeep binders.

And I’ve no complaints about them – aside from the relative difficulty in finding them for sale locally. I recently bought a case direct from UniKeep, for future expansion.

~ Will B.

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