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Taking the fun out of Funko

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 ~ 10pm

Seriously, you came all this way to learn more about a dust-up between me and an anonymous guy who ran an unofficial Funko action figure page? Well alright, that’s some serious free time you have – so I will oblige, ’cause I have to respect that sort of interest:

In an aside, on a public forum, I’d alluded to that guy being a “moody dick”. Someone replied,

He [the person that runs the unofficial Funko Legacy page] can be an outright dick, is what you mean. He gets pretty curt with people. Regardless of that, he has revealed some pretty cool stuff, and does a better job of keeping an open line of communication to Funko than Funko does. We wouldn’t know half the stuff without that page. Still, it is only a fan page, so I don’t get why it should be more professionally run. He wants to be a dick he can be a dick I guess. He only stands to lose followers.

And that comment prompted me to tell of my experience. Here’s my telling of my tale:

So it wasn’t just me then! I was going to post this as a post, but I think it is contrary to [this forum’s] rules about talking ^$@* about people. So, just for you:

My experience was that a Kickstarter campaign was posted on the page, promoted as a comedic documentary about action figure collecting. I viewed the promo and noticed no one had donated yet. I commented that maybe a comedic documentary would sell itself better if there was some trace of comedy in the promo. He immediately sacked me, with a message that the comedian filmmaker was a fwend of his, and that dissent would not be tolerated. But the results of the Kickstarter proved my point: The Kickstarter raised $0. Zero. Nothing.

I’d also remained calm when he was worried that Funko was going to attend ComicCon without a booth. I noted that many companies did the same in other industries (personal experience here by the way). He felt that having an informed opinion and not joining in the worry was “acting contrary”.

Which is a long way of saying that some people need others to align exactly with their point of view, especially when they’re wrong.

The page has good interviews with Reis O’Brien [of Funko], though. So it’s a love-hate thing. After TheFwoosh (of course!), I prefer the official Funko forum for most discussion of Funko, but the official forum doesn’t like posting advance information, so, fan sites are useful.

So, dear detective, that’s the dust-up. Sorry if it was disappointingly mundane.

The denouement came about very recently, on the occasion of that guy ending his run on that page and doing it in the style he was known for – calling me out for, well, for calling him out.

(He saw the above comment – which is great, I’d hoped it would be shared, since if he doesn’t hear feedback how will he ever change?)

In a public message that was obliquely written to him, I concluded,

For the record, I don’t mind at all that someone said my wish for Buffy Legacy figures of only the main cast was a stupid idea, or disagreed that Cusack’s character from Say Anything was a poor choice for Funko’s vinyl line sculpted by An Evil Corporation, because I actually enjoy differing options. That’s the way to be – to be part of a steady dialogue of ideas and opinions, and not become upset when someone disagrees with you. There is a beauty in diversity of opinion, and it is what I value.

Being part of a community that is excited about Funko’s developments is a terribly nice diversion, and I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to everyone (here and on FF).

I recently said some unkind words about someone, and I apologize for my unkindness.

And I meant it. I was unkind, and it was my unkindness for which I apologized. Not for my opinion of him.

But, I don’t know him. My opinion of “him” is meaningless, considering that I don’t know him. My opinion was not of him, only of his actions and words, so my criticism should have been leveled solely at his actions and words, rather than him as a person.

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