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Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 ~ 1pm

I feel sensitive today. Things that are sensitive include:

  • My prostate. I’ve stopped sitting on my orb chair at work because my prostate feels kind of present. Note to self: Remember this week in history — the first time I am aware that I have a prostate.
  • My emotions. I saw this news article on Wired encouraging the use of chemical weapons, and as disgusting as the article was, I recoiled even more from the use of this photo of a woman’s last breaths. She was one of the people who died in the Russian theater seige. I am not sure what is more disgusting — that Wired may have selected this photo because she was attractive, or because it is disrespectful to use her picture in an article promoting the use of the weapons which killed her, or because of the background idea that you go out for a nice night of entertainment and wind up with your dying body photographed and you can’t even refuse to sign a release form because a) you’re dead and b) it is “news” so the release form process is bypassed.
  • …Ok, only two things.

Update: Several more people have registered their disgust at Wired’s photo selection in the Comments section of the Wired article.

And, I think it is likely I strained my “adductor brevis muscle” which is giving me the impression it is my prostate.

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