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Funny "Published By" Credit

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, December 9th, 2004 ~ 6pm

Tegan & Sara are two lesbian twin sister pop/folk singers from chilly Canada, kind of in the Stuart Davis Silver album vibe at the moment with their latest album So Jealous. But I want to mention one of their earlier albums from when they were more folkish, for one particular reason:

The “published by” credit on the back of Tegan & Sara’s 2000 album perfectly captures a delightful concept, and it does so in so few words that it is basically a poem, or koan or something:

published by naked in a snow suit

You’ve got it all there. Brings a smile to my face immediately, and delighted laughter. The innocence and cuteness inherent to a snowsuit, and then the young adult subversion of that concept through being secretly naked.

The ridiculousness of making a “bold” statement about being an adult in a way that would be so completely invisible to absolutely everyone is probably what makes it a sufficiently complex statement to generate laughter (laughter being a natural emotional response generated to reward/encourage novel thoughts). I guess it is a statement about first coming to know who you are inside (inside the proverbial snowsuit), before being prepared to face the outside world.

Naked in a snow suit has got little to do with the usual “being naked in a trenchcoat” (as was Ellen Barkin in that movie with Al Pacino) because it’s probably freezing out if you’re in a snowsuit. In my opinion this snowsuit image is not about the thrill of taking a risk that you’d actually be caught and punished for being naughty, it’s not a perv tale, because if you unzipped a snowsuit whilst naked, you would not experience any pleasure. Rather, it is taking the deeply personal concept of being secretly adventurous, whilst still needing to protect onesself from the elements, to a very clear extreme.

I was just watching Joss Whedon’s Firefly the other day, the episode in which the “crazy” girl is in a space suit, and on the commentary track Joss was talking about how adorable she looked in it, and how he couldn’t figure out why that was until someone pointed out to him that the spacesuit looked exactly like a snug snowsuit. He’s right, it is inherently a cute sort of image.

Ok, this blog was very disorganized, so:
C minus.
Or the equivalent in farenheit.

I haven’t listneed to the album yet (2000’s This Business of Art) but am told it is much different than their two newest albums, the aformentioned So Jealous and their previous one, If It Was You – both of which are the best album I’ve heard in the past 6 months. TBOA is supposedly more folky, Ani DeFranco like.

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