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14 hours to go

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, May 1st, 2007 ~ 10pm

So, the ways I was screwed by Pompadour’s hair salon today are far ranging. First, my stylist, the one who had done my hair so well before, was missing. I’d had a great cut with her before and wanted her again, and that is what I’d arranged when I made the appointment. I should have just walked out. Instead I remained pleasant, and got the worst cut & color I’ve ever had. It doesn’t even make sense, since the colors I’d had the last time are stored in their computer so they could have just followed that. I am completely dissatisfied with them for both their mistakes – their first mistake with the stylist, and then the other stylist’s mistakes. Tomorrow they will be trying to tone it down, and I am literally counting the hours until that happens. But I have a totally bad impression of them now.

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  1. desiree said,

    on May 2nd, 2007 at 2:54 am

    I sympathise, its one of the reasons i let my hair grow.
    After 5 years iI had let my hair done last Februari, and they can even screw up cutting long hair…
    When i was home and looked in the mirror at the back of my hair, i found out that she had cut a piece of my hair just as an example that she spoke about of having layers in stead of one length. I can not imagen that one does something like that without telling.
    Everything is nice at one length except this specific part of my hair at the right side at the back of my hair.
    If i want to let my hair hang straight and not on a tail gives a screwed up look at that side.
    I went specially to the coiffeur so that my hair was nice cut and i could get wear loose hair in stead of a tail.
    Now i have to choose to let it the way it is and wait that it is grown at least 5 or 10 cm, or let my hair cut for at least 10 cm so that it is at one length again.
    The last option is the best but somehow i experience a feeling of not wanting to go anymore again…

    So again i sympathise!!!

  2. Will said,

    on May 2nd, 2007 at 2:56 pm

    I sympathize with your situation, Desiree, and I can imagine that it must be even more frustrating when the mistake involves long hair — hair that took a long time for you to grow! I’ve just come back from having the color fixed, and it appears to be improved. I actually avoided going to lunch because I didn’t want to be seen with the yellow strands! Like you, I will probably go somewhere else next time. But it is a small town so there’s only so many places to go to, be offended by, and move on from! 🙂

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