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This lane is for passing and canines only

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, May 8th, 2007 ~ 5pm

I saw a small dog with white fur, about knee high, bounding – positively bounding – down the lanes of 28th today. It wasn’t even on the side of the road, it was one lane in, racing the cars. Then as a good samaritan got out of her car, the cars headed north stopped but the dog leapt up onto the 2-foot high divider area and leapt into the oncoming southbound lanes. I thought for sure he’d been instantly crushed but I caught sight of him again a moment later, rounding an intersection by that strange silvery building at 28th & Canyon, and racing west. And I say “racing” because the good samaritan simply could not keep up with his speed, and at last sight she was trying to enlist the aid of a bicyclist who may have had a better chance of catching him. But chances are slim he made it – he did not express any fear at racing with the cars. He was a fish among sharks. There were so many places where he was safe, where he could have stopped running, but he seemed to want to be in the traffic.

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  1. Courtney said,

    on May 8th, 2007 at 6:53 pm

    Hi will, quite a story. I love your description. I hope he made it somewhere ok. what do you think it would mean for you if it were your dream? ia ask because you seem so fascinated with his desire to be in the traffic–intrigueing (sp?)…

  2. Will said,

    on May 8th, 2007 at 8:39 pm

    The dog, although very much real, did have that metaphoric quality as it expressed what by all standards was an extreme desire. So if it were a dream, I guess the dog was representing doing something so massively out of proportion to onesself that it would seem foolhardy by most standards. We humans generally get that experience virtually, as when we play a video game in which we are a spy sent into extreme conditions that we would most reasonably die from. I do not know that I would like such a thing in real life. BUT, if the dog survived, he likely feels like he’s defied all odds, and is maybe somehow totally blessed, or maybe at least noticed by God and spared. All psych talk leads back to onesself doesn’t it, so by that interpretation I can relate to the dog’s need to feel blessed, to be so sure that one must have been protected from harm that they may never have to have a worry ever again.

    Mmm! And I want to ask you how you are too, but we can do that privately.

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