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So, what do you think of lizard man?

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, December 9th, 2004 ~ 11pm

“So, what do you think of lizard man?” was the question posed to me by the host of the Animal Planet show, and then the camera swung over to me and I suggested that we must try to be aware of our natural tendency to dismiss odd claims. However in retrospect a more accurate answer on my part would have been “who the frick is lizard man?” Because really, I am just not sure how this so-called “lizard man” relates to the work I was representing on this show, which is the work that my boss (now deceased) Dr John Mack did around reports of alien contact…contact which usually involve some dolphin-skinned beings commonly referred to as the “grays” (on account of their pallor). I was at this interview as a spokesperson for contemporary knowledge about the alien encounter phenomenon, as amassed by Dr Mack.

But I’ve not heard anything about what they were referring to, and if he’s been seen running around the woods (as the producer later told me) then chances are he’s not the kind of interdimensional being that aliens seem to be – who tend to have better ways of getting around than running around. I’m getting visions of Steve Austin and Bionic Bigfoot running around the Universal Studios themepark here.

So I’m worried now that by trying to give a diplomatic answer, I’ve just endorsed some folk legend of which I know nothing. I think I’ll drop a line to the Animal Planet folks and tell them I’m not comfortable with that particular question & answer, and maybe they’ll honor my request to nix that bit. And next time, if there is a next time, I need to be less diplomatic and more, well, I need to be ok with being someone who says “Who the frick is lizard man?”.

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