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Housemate is sick!

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, May 13th, 2007 ~ 11pm

Housemate Bassist is sick! Fever spiking up and down and he looks all clammy. Sick like if he takes a shower he might pass out. If anyone has advice and/or chicken soup for him I’m sure he’d appreciate it. He also likes orange juice (I think he likes pulp) and Gatorade.

I suspect he got it from the airplane ride, as opposed to something local to Boulder, which means probably none of us are immune to it. Our other housemate is hiding from the germs by staying in his room, and I am figuring there’s nothing to be done but to try to get extra sleep on the chance that I am already fighting it without even being aware that I am. And I am running my air filter. But I am scared for myself, of course. What strikes me today, as an adult, is how quickly we get dizzy. As a child, perhaps being half or 2/3rds as tall mitigated that particular symptom.

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