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Holy crap, a victory in Wart War V

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, May 14th, 2007 ~ 9pm

Wow. Two weeks after abandoning professional treatment for the mosaic planar wart structure on my little toe, and two weeks into using a product from Whole Foods called Wart Wonder, a pair of the most painful, largest warts just literally fell out of my toe flesh and into a waiting tissue. With a little nudging, but no bleeding. Just after a shower softened the outer layer of my skin. To be fair, I haven’t just been using Wart Wonder (which as I described before is some concoction of acidic plant juices that one applies and covers with a bandage). I have also been freezing them and occasionally putting acid on them, both off-the-shelf routines. But freezing them and putting acid on them had had no effect for two years. The only difference is that this time, my wart was saturated with the Wart Wonder liquid. That may have made the difference. They bruised after the last freeze, which was different than before. But I wasn’t expecting them to fall out. I am surprised.

I won’t photograph it. Just picture a small impact crater, or a pair of them side by side. The flesh in the pits where the two painful warts were look good but I won’t know for awhile if they’ll regrow as healthy flesh. They might. This is an unprecidented “win” in the War Against the Warts.

I will continue to use the Wart Wonder liquid on the rest of the area on my toe to see what happens. But not yet because those craters are sensitive. I’ve been really resenting the presence of this mosaic planar wart structure lately, especially when I read a description that said that warts were basically tumors, with their own DNA, or something like that. Pissed me off.

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