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Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, May 14th, 2007 ~ 10pm

Counting the good things that are finally coming true this year (and about how long I’ve been waiting): Blade Runner final director’s cut (waiting for about fifteen years). Wart falling out (waiting a couple years). The Replacements back-catalog being reissued with bonus material (waiting about ten years, though granted I no longer care as much now). Local Boulder-based musician Stuart Davis finally making it big with a song on an upcoming commercial film soundtrack (eight years). Battlestar Galactica action figures coming soon (only been waiting two years for that one). I dunno, it just seems like a culmination of things I’ve been hoping for are all finally coming true. Granted these things may seem obscure. Even obscure things can come to fruition, apparently.

Weird! Now I just heard that David Bowie’s soundtrack The Buddha Of Suburbia is being reissued. I’ve been checking ebay for the past couple of months but haven’t seen it for less than a hundred (even though I recall when it first came out, it was in discount bins and people still weren’t buying it).

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