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Elephant dream

Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, May 19th, 2007 ~ 4pm

Dreamed elephants were going extinct, and I was driving a giant oversized truck with one or two pachyderms in the back through a city. I didn’t realize I was up on a hill until the many lane road ahead was revealed to slope down extremely steeply. I realized that with the several tons in the trunk there was no way I could go down this steep incline, particularly since it also curved to the left, except by putting my feet on the brakes, throwing the emergency break and whatever gear shift might slow me down, and hope that the combined pressure of all the breaks *might* keep the vehicle from speeding down to its doom. I don’t know what happened, but it might have worked.

Update: May 20: Another dream. I am having many dreams recently. In last night’s dream, I was one of three young destitute women who broke into a summer house on Cape Code (the sandy part of Massachusetts) in order to quietly live there (as long as it was unoccupied). The house was one of several in a neighborhood that was a kind of community, where the house’s status would not go unnoticed if we were not careful. However one of us three refused to accept the basic concept that we had to be discrete about it. At first she simply would talk loudly when we told her it was important to speak quietly since the other houses were so near. Then she would leave the front door open, obviously revealing that the house was occupied. One day we got home and found she’d taken a broken air conditioner out and placed it on the front stoop. And then to top it all off, the two of us who were more sensible noticed that she’d gone missing one afteroon, and spotting a flyer we realized she was headed to the community’s book group meeting! We raced down the sandy lane to stop her, but only caught up to her at the community center itself, where we had a hard time blending in. And another word about us being destitute: I had perhaps five dollars to my name. It made getting even a small breakfast very difficult. I don’t know if it was the 1930s or what, but it may have been. Except the air conditioner would place it more towards the 1950s I guess.

And then I had a dream in which me and J, my special friend, were sitting cross-legged directly in front of each other. We each seemed small. Then we each started to resemble eachother. As we each spoke about how each of us were slightly aging, our genetics started to mix and we each took on the same visual qualities. So even as I tried to describe myself, my hair for instance, I’d see my hair fall across her forehead and she and I became indistinguishable. It was not frightening, neither was it particularly revelatory, it was simply one of those Buddhist “I am you” situations.

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